Cibor is a reliable partner with a global range of smart solutions.

Cibor put my mind at ease as a property manager but also as a resident. Twice the satisfaction, you could say.

As a property manager, I was looking for a reliable partner who you feel comfortable contacting to resolve a wide range of problems.
This can involve detecting leaks, performing structural-pathological investigations or repairing damaged drains. As far as my personal experience is concerned, Cibor has been an expert in these areas for many years.
In many cases, they also send a specialist who possesses the required professional know-how.
Although being late is the scourge of our time, Cibor engineers always reach residents at the agreed time. A word is a word.
Investigations are carried out based on proper expertise. And what pleases me is that subsequent reports are well substantiated and properly structured.
After all, reports that contain barely any information aren’t exactly a great way to convince fellow owners about potential issues.
The epoxy coating used to repair broken drainage pipes is proof that Cibor has good ideas and helps to develop innovative techniques. Not many residents are enthusiastic about unnecessary digging activities.
Cibor is a partner with a global range of smart solutions. Cibor gives me peace of mind as a property manager and as a resident. Twice the satisfaction, you could say.
Catherine Dormaels, Official property manager

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Cibor offers me peace of mind: 100% reliable solution, no digging work, efficient repairs and firm promises.
A word is a word. Certainly when you only have to pay the price mentioned on the quote.
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