Cibor is a leading service provider for contractors, companies, insurers and private individuals in the Benelux and further afield. The company has three divisions:

The Cibor Group


Detection of water and gas leaks/building pathology and tank protection

Cibor nv is the ultimate specialist in detecting water and gas leaks in piping in and around buildings, swimming pools, ponds, bunds, etc. The building pathology division traces causes of water damage that can be attributed to defects in building structures (roofs, outside walls, etc.).

Cibor nv has been detecting leaks in storage tanks for more than 20 years. We can also install permanent leak detection systems on tanks, make tanks double-walled, put tanks out of service and repair leaks.

Special Techniques

Cibor Special Techniques is the third and latest branch of the Cibor group. This Cibor branch deals with various smart renovation techniques, which includes tile removal without breakage (so they can be re-used) and drain lining that allows defective drains or sewers to be repaired without demolition work. We help our customers to avoid demolition work and the inconvenience that is very often associated with repairing water or gas leaks.


Market leader in concrete processing with diamond tools

Since 1994, Cibor Betonboringen nv – which has a head office in Meerhout – has specialised in drilling and cutting with diamond tools, concrete sanding and milling, the installation of anchors, the repair of asphalt and concrete floors and certain demolition work. Over a period of three generations, Cibor has been able to accumulate a great deal of knowledge, expertise and experience in this specialised field. The most innovative techniques and a highly qualified team allow us to offer fast, professional, high quality and SCC-certified service.

Quality, speed & innovation

The common thread in our services is quality, speed and innovation. We put this into practice every day by:

  • placing great emphasis on honouring agreements
  • constantly aiming for 100% customer satisfaction
  • offering service in the customer’s mother tongue
  • offering a back-office that is accessible 24/24
  • implementing computerised administration that allows large orders and volumes to be processed efficiently
  • possessing experienced and trained technicians
  • possessing our own research department and knowledge centre
  • running SCC-certified operations
  • constantly investing in the latest techniques

Corporate social responsibility

Cibor also wants to extend its internal values to the outside world. We are our aware of the impact we have on people and the environment, and do our level best to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

We also want to make a positive contribution to society. We believe it is important to support good causes like Run2Reva, Jolien Van Loy and Team Krollie from time to time. We also encourage our employees, who represent an attractive mix of youth and experience, to do their share by sending a positive message via the their daily activities in our company.

You can read more about our sustainable initiatives in the news section.

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