Identifying thermal bridges: work for specialists

A thermal bridge is a joint in the outer shell (outside wall, roof or floor) of a building where excessive heat transfer can take place due to insufficient or incorrect thermal insulation. Condensation often occurs at these thermal bridges, and results in mould formation. Cibor is able to use infrared or thermal imaging technology to find and document thermal bridges.

Thermal bridges are typically found:

  • at corners in outside walls
  • above windows
  • where cavity walls rest on the foundations
  • where insulation is missing or has been penetrated

The presence of thermal bridges can result in surface condensation. The issue can be resolved via sufficient ventilation and heating.

Identifying thermal bridges
Identifying thermal bridges

Detecting thermal bridges and damp problems

We are able to use infrared cameras to find thermal bridges in building structures. We measure the indoor climate using long-term data logging or immediately use a dew point gauge. We also measure moisture content in construction materials like floors, roofs and walls, to identify damp-related damage.

Cibor acts as neutral party

When thermal bridges and surface condensation are encountered, this often leads to debates between the tenant and landlord. The landlord may think damage has been caused by inappropriate behaviour on the part of the tenant, while the tenant may hold the landlord liable for structural shortcomings.

In such cases, Cibor can perform objective long-term measurements using special measuring equipment that continually (but invisibly to residents) registers the climate inside the home. At the end of the measurement period, the exact origin of the issue can be objectively demonstrated using figures and graphics.

Tracing causes of mould problems

Tracing causes of mould problems

There are various types of moulds and some of them can cause serious health problems. Mould originates in areas where moisture and organic matter are found together. Cibor uses heat imaging cameras to detect missing insulation material and thermal bridges. We also use a wide range of techniques to trace other causes of mould formation (leaks, water ingress, etc.).

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