Preventive inspections in accordance with the PBI ® protocol

Preventive inspections on pipes and ducts within buildings.

Cibor offers preventive inspections in accordance with the PBI ® protocol. These inspections are carried out on water-bearing pipes, sanitary installations, air and fume ducts, shafts and ventilation systems prior to commissioning.
Cibor offers this service before new-build or renovation projects are partially or fully handed over. Cibor is also able to assist potential customers when they purchase new buildings.


Prevention is better than cure: avoid expensive demolition work with timely inspections to check whether work has been carried out properly.

For whom:

As client, architect or main contractor for a new-build or renovation project, you will quickly want to know whether sub-contractors have performed their activities in accordance generally accepted standards.
Deployed sub-contractors are now becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to performing preventive inspections before their share of a project is handed over.

Cibor acts as an independent party and examines whether shortcomings are present when the inspection is carried out.
This prevents late detection of defects and avoids the need for expensive demolition work when repairing defects:

  • damp problems
  • odeur problems
  • leaks
  • unfinished and/or forgotten connections
  • dubious connections between pipes
  • incorrect connections
  • rubble, etc. in drainage pipes or inspection chambers

What can you expect?

  • inspection of riser pipes, private drainage pipes and pressure lines
  • leakproofness test on pipes
  • inspections for appropriate connections:
    • hot and cold water pipes
    • drainage grey and black water
  • endoscopic inspections in pipes and inaccessible shafts
  • tests on the airtightness and functionality of ventilation pipes and odour traps
  • inspections on the watertightness of walk-in showers
  • preventive inspections for leaks in negative pressure UV systems. If vacuum-based drainage systems are to function
    properly, it is extremely important for them to be air-tight.
  • detection of obstructions in pipes (e.g. rubble, insulation materials, etc.), in order to avoid blockages in the

How does Cibor operate?

Cibor engineers investigate whole projects or specific parts of them, depending on your requirements.
This is done using innovative technology like:

  • thermography
  • endoscopy
  • camera inspection
  • acoustic measurements
  • various tracing techniques

Cibor compiles an objective and writes a detailed report for all inspections.
Timely intervention by an independent specialist like Cibor not only avoids expensive demolition work, but also prevents ever-escalating and never-ending disputes.

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