Repairing concrete floors and asphalt

Repairing concrete floors and asphalt

We are able to skilfully repair damage to concrete floors and asphalt using dual-component products of the highest quality. These are only used after thorough pre-treatment.

We also repair heavily loaded floors. This involves first preparing the subfloor for the application of patching mortars (and flexible products for expansion joints, for example). We always perform activities with a minimum of inconvenience to customers. We always ensure air extraction and cordon off the work area.

Do not hesitate to contact us for:

  • the elimination of unevenness in your concrete floor (sanding or milling)
  • the removal of markings, fork-lift truck ruts or other dirt residues
  • milling slits
  • anti-slip finishes on slippery production floors
  • the removal of screed, glue residues, etc.
  • joint repairs
  • the repair of damaged asphalt and concrete floors

Repairing concrete floors and asphalt
Repairing concrete floors and asphalt

A clean finish guaranteed

We always complete our sanding or milling assignments with respect for our customers. We can guarantee you a clean finish thanks to our specially modified machinery and the professionalism of our employees.

Repairing concrete floors and asphalt

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