Removal of floor and wall tiles using the TRH technique®

A misfortune never seems to come alone. Damp damage is bad enough, but things are worse if there is also damage to floors or tiles when trying to repair leaks. You can avoid this by calling Cibor.

Removal of ceramic and natural stone floor and wall tiles for re-use

Do you no longer have spare tiles? Then you could face a difficult search for replacement tiles because they are often no longer available. Cibor can use its TRH technique® to save you this trouble. We possess the experience needed to remove both the tiles above the leak and the surrounding tiles without breaking them. The tiles can then be recovered and pipes remain intact. If necessary, we can also replace the tiles and re-point them. When so doing, we always try to match the original joint colour wherever possible.

Removal of floor and wall tiles using the TRH technique®

If you have underfloor heating, we will make sure it also remains undamaged when your tiles are removed. However, the tiles in question must be ceramic and be glued, and not laid in a mortar bed. The TRH technique® requires a joint width of at least 2 mm. Natural stone and ceramic tiles in a mortar bed can usually be removed with limited breaking-related damage.

Removal of floor and wall tiles using the TRH technique®

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