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Cibor is a reliable partner for contractors and industrial companies for a wide range of concrete processes and floor surface repairs. Whether the work involves concrete drilling, sawing, anchoring, sanding or milling, or the repair and/or embellishment of roads, concrete or asphalt floors: our customers trust Cibor because of our professionalism, our high quality finish and our customer focus.

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Concrete drilling

Cibor specialises in drilling holes in concrete using diamond tools or percussion techniques. You can call Cibor to drill holes ranging from the smallest anchor to diameters exceeding several metres. Cibor possesses specialised equipment that helps to prevent water damage and dust formation during drilling. That is why we are a sought-after contractor for pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies, hospitals, food companies, telecoms and other utility companies. We are fully equipped to perform activities in zones subject to an explosion hazard.

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Concrete cutting

Concrete cutting We can perform concrete cutting activities thanks to our extensive machinery and the knowledge of our experienced employees. There is almost no limit to cutting depths in floors and walls. One of our specialities is dust-free diamond cutting in deep-freeze buildings at temperatures as low as -30 °C.

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Heavy-load anchorage

Heavy-load anchorage We can drill and glue reinforcement bars to establish joints between individual building constructions. You rely on us for drilling and inserting chemical anchors, erecting columns, installing special safety anchors or heavy constructions. Cibor uses the latest techniques to perform calculations and highly accurate work, which always leads to the most reliable results.

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Concrete sanding and milling

Concrete sanding and milling Cibor can also mill or sand minor unevenness in floor surfaces or walls. We do this using advanced, electrically powered machines that allow us to work in a dust-free manner. We can breath new life into old floors, remove soiling, eliminate level differences in floors and so much more.

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Repairing concrete floors and asphalt

Repairing concrete floors and asphalt

Is your concrete floor or asphalt layer showing minor damage due to wear or other activities? We can repair all damage with top quality dual-component products.

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