Tracing odour nuisance with the SDTP technique®

Odour nuisance is not a nice thing to have in your home or company. Cibor already has considerable experience in quickly and accurately identifying the cause of many long-term odour problems.

Odour nuisance is so challenging because the source is not always visible. And smells tend to appear and disappear… but never seem to appear when someone comes to detect the source!

During our investigations, we thus use various specific appliances and techniques to make sure problems are identified, even if causes are underground or enclosed. No more years of grumbling, demolition work and fruitless efforts to eliminate the smell. Cibor is usually able to point out the cause with one visit.

Tracing odour nuisance with the SDTP technique®
Tracing odour nuisance with the SDTP technique®

Do you have an inexplicable sewer odour or an odorous cooker hood in your home, apartment or company? We can resolve the problem using our SDTP technique®. Our specially trained and experienced leak detectors can usually find the cause very quickly, without performing demolition work!

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