Sewer or drain repairs based on drain lining

Sewer repairs without digging or breaking

Cibor can repair difficult-to-access or replace pieces of sewers or drains using drain lining. This is a relatively recent innovative technique, where a lining saturated in epoxy is applied inside damaged piping so it takes on the shape of the pipe. We can create a pipe-in-a-pipe which is just as strong or even stronger than the original. The main advantage of this technique is that no demolition work is normally needed when performing repairs.

Sewer or drain repairs based on drain lining
Sewer or drain repairs based on drain lining

Cibor is able to insert textile-reinforced lining in drain pipes. In some cases, this procedure can even be used in pipes with a diameter of 50 mm. Once impregnated, air pressure can be used to unroll the lining inside out in the pipe. It will then harden and form a seamless and self-supporting new pipe inside the old one.

When to use lining repairs

  • for broken drains under buildings, which makes demolition work difficult, awkward or expensive

  • for drains under expensive floors, kitchen cupboards, etc.

  • when production or industrial activities cannot be stopped

Sewer or drain repairs based on drain lining

Advantages of drain linings:

  • Limit inconvenience and troubles. Renewal can usually be completed in one or two days.

  • Suitable for both horizontal and vertical piping or tubes and for bends of 90 °.

  • Often much less expensive than breaking everything up.

  • Tested system with a long life-span.

Sewer or drain repairs based on drain lining

Procedure for drain lining:

  1. Camera inspection: a technician arrives on-site and inspects the sewer or drain with a camera.

  2. Report: the technician notes his findings in a report.

  3. Discussion: we jointly discuss the possibilities for repairing the damage using the lining technique.

  4. Quotation: we provide a quote based on your requirements.

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