Leaks in swimming pools, ponds and water reservoirs

Leak detection

Swimming pools or ponds can be great in the summer. But there is nothing more disappointing than seeing the water level in your swimming pool or pond drop when the nice weather is just around the corner. Constantly topping up your pond or swimming pool can also cause your water bill to skyrocket.

Leaks in swimming pools, ponds and water reservoirs
Leaks in swimming pools, ponds and water reservoirs

However, in most cases, detecting the cause of such water losses is not so simple. Is it in the water seal, in one of the fixtures (lighting points or overflows) or in the pipes that run from your pump to the pool or pond? Cibor will gladly help you to quickly and efficiently detect the leak and save you extra costs and inconvenience. In most cases, we can even do this without emptying your swimming pool or pond. Many of our techniques can be implemented while your fish swim around happily.

Our method

Cibor systematically measures the various problem areas and avoids unnecessary demolition work. There is often no need to remove the water, which means higher water and energy bills can be avoided. We can trace leaks in both public and private swimming pools. We select measuring techniques that best suit the construction of the pool or pond (foil, tiles, etc.).

Leaks in swimming pools, ponds and water reservoirs

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