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Special techniques: clever prevention and renovation

Leaks usually prove to be very expensive: loss of water or fuel, environmental damage… Opening up your floor, pipe system or roof is often a real nightmare.

Renovation without damage

Cibor has a number of clever techniques at its disposal that can save you a great deal of grief. The company has invested in advanced equipment and renovation techniques that enable repairs to be performed with only minimal or even without removal work.

Clever prevention

Cibor has a number of techniques at its disposal to seal pipes or leaks and, at the same time, keep the construction intact. This is not only useful, but also cost-effective for a repair. These techniques are often also a clever choice as a preventive measure.

Special techniques

  • Removing tiles without breaking them
    As part of the leak repair, Cibor can remove floor tiles for you without breaking them. They can thus be re-used. You no longer have to worry about tiles no longer being available on the market.
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  • Repairing sewer pipe without digging or removal
    Cibor can repair sewer pipes or drain pipes that difficult to reach by using sleeve renovation. With this technique, a sleeve is inserted into the pipe and this sleeve then assumes the shape of the pipe to be repaired. The main benefit of this technique is that often no digging- or removal work is necessary for such sleeve repairs. All of this is in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.
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  • Tank coatings and permanent leak detection on fuel tanks
    Cibor protects your fuel tank by installing a leak detection system with a double barrier.
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