Leak detection in roofs and preventive checks

Leaks in roofs are usually impossible to detect with the naked eye. And even an experienced roofer will sometimes have trouble finding the cause of a leak. Our experts and their specialised material can detect even the smallest leaks - for roofs with or without ballast. Preventive roof checks are also part of our range of services.

When it comes to leaking roofs, water seen inside the building may have travelled quite a distance. Artificial flooding is not guaranteed to find the leak because many defects are located in upright structures and marginal integrity structures. The point of ingress, namely the place where roof sealing has been breached, can be a long way from where the water enters. For instance, water does not always enter when it rains, but after a long period of time or only under certain circumstances.

We can also quickly and accurately find invisible leaks in your roof. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and the extensive knowledge and experience of our staff, we can significantly reduce the costs and inconvenience associated with a leak in your roof.

Leak detection in roofs and preventive checks

Roofs without ballast: flat or pitched roofs

A visual inspection using a ladder or elevated platform is sufficient with a pitched roof. This involves paying pay extra attention to critical details like gutter areas, skylights, dormer windows and chimney joints, and performing a number of specific water tests using specialised equipment.

Leaks in flat roofs are usually difficult to see with the naked eye, often because the roof is covered by gravel, tropical hardwood or tiles. Tracing such leaks can thus be difficult and standard searches can often take a very long time.

Cibor is able to use advanced equipment to very precisely find damage or faults in flat roofs. Defective joints in water seals on upright structures, thresholds, etc. can be quickly and accurately found, usually without demolition work. To precisely identify the cause, our experts will perform a variety of water tests, which includes simulating torrential rain using a rain frame, direct cavity drainage load, etc.

We can also assist if water or moisture is encountered on damp screens. We are able to draw water off the damp screen using specialised equipment.

Cibor can also act as an independent and impartial loss adjuster by objectively reporting the findings of our inspection. This will give other parties a well-founded basis to apportion responsibility.

Roofs without ballast: flat or pitched roofs

Roofs with ballast: green roofs, roof parking, roof terraces

We can often inspect roofs with ballast, like green roofs or roof terraces, without removing the actual roofing. Our experts will only remove the ballast in certain places, which means the impact remains limited. Our team will first perform a visual check before conducting several tests to find the exact location of the leak.

Finding a leak in your green roof, for example, does not mean we have to break up the whole roof. Cibor implements a number of techniques that allow leaks in roof seals to be found without (or only minimum) digging and demolition work.

Preventive checks for water seals on flat roofs

Preventive checks for water seals on flat roofs

We can also preventively check flat roofs that have been sealed using PVC, EPDM, other roofing, etc. We will use equipment that best suits the encountered roof structure. More and more contractors and roofers are calling us for this service. After all, our team possesses vast experience. We have already been deployed by various department stores and schools.

Preventive checks are carried out during the construction phase, before water seals are covered with ballast, paved surfaces or green roofs. This allows us to detect potential shortcomings before damage occurs.

Preventive checks also allow faults to be discovered which have not yet resulted in leaks. For instance, a partly detached seam joint will not immediately cause a leak. However, over time (ageing) and under the influence of ambient factors (heat, frost, dirt, shrinkage and expansion) the seal may become fully detached and result in water ingress.

What happens if our experts find a leak? We will immediately inform the concerned contractor, who will be able to rectify the issue. In this case, a follow-up check after repairs have been carried out is appropriate.

An appropriate investigation technique is available for practically all roof structures. A preventive roof check means peace of mind for contractors and future owners because they know their roof has been checked a completely neutral party.

Preventive checks on water seals are useful for:

  • gravel roofs
  • green roofs
  • basement sealing
  • roof car parks
  • roof terraces
  • roofs featuring paved surfaces/clinkers/roof garden
  • roofs featuring solar panels
  • roofs with vulnerable underlying spaces, such as data centres, laboratories, museums, etc.
Preventive checks for water seals on flat roofs

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