Cibor, your independent leak detection specialist

The experts in leak detection

Cibor, the specialist in the field of leak detection, is your guarantee for a fast and high-quality intervention. We detect leaks in water- and gas pipes and do this without having to perform any removal work. For this, we use no less than 13 different innovative techniques, ranging from thermography, endoscopy, moisture mapping, and acoustics, to tracer technology.

The experts in leak detection
The experts in leak detection

For us, detecting leaks is a question of service and flexibility. Something that insurance companies, experts, contractors, A/C and heating contractors, companies, hospitals, property management agencies and architects as well as private individuals can appreciate. We are predominantly active in Belgium, but also offer our services internationally: France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the UK, Germany.

Detecting water leaks with thermal imaging cameras and other techniques

Water leaks are often invisible to the naked eye. Cibor can quickly and accurately make them visible for you by using a number of innovative techniques. Thanks to a fast and efficient intervention by Cibor, you can prevent more water loss and damage.
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Detecting gas leaks with gas detectors

Even small leaks in gas pipes can be dangerous. If the escaping gas cannot dissipate, it can build up and cause an explosion. Cibor has precision equipment to detect whether or not an installation has a leak, and to locate a leak as accurately as possible.
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Detecting, repairing and preventing leaks in fuel tanks

Detecting, repairing and preventing leaks in fuel tanks

Is the water level in your swimming pool, pond or water reservoir dropping inexplicably?

Then you could have a leak. The cause must first be identified so the leak can be repaired as soon as possible. Cibor can skilfully trace leaks without demolition work.
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Odour nuisance

Inexplicable odour in your home, apartment or company?

Our specialised and experienced leak detectors usually find the cause in a single visit, without performing demolition work. Read more

Detecting, repairing and preventing leaks in fuel tanks

For more than 20 years, Cibor has been checking underground and above-ground storage tanks for petroleum products. We not only perform a reliable leak test, we also repair and install leak detection systems . We ensure that you have a safe storage installation and thus help you to prevent all contaminants. Read more

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