Fault detection in outside walls and terraces

A leak in your outside wall or terrace can cause considerable damage. Damp patches caused by water ingress can usually be seen inside offices, homes or apartments. But it is often impossible to find the exact cause with the naked untrained eye. This, for example, is the case for problems with water seals on foundations, above windows and woodwork, etc.

Fault detection in outside walls and terraces

Cibor can use the latest measuring and analysis equipment to detect faults in your outside wall or terrace, often without demolition work. We can simulate rain and wind, use thermography or use an endoscope to look into cavities or other confined spaces.

We do not offer an opinion; we demonstrate the facts

When such problems are encountered, you can ask various experienced people for their opinion on the cause of damage. But you are then guaranteed to receive almost as many opinions as there are advisers. We do not just offer an opinion; we try to demonstrate the cause using the best techniques. We then objectively report our findings to you.

Fault detection in outside walls and terraces

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