Leak detection in gas pipes

Minor gas leaks can also have major consequences. Natural gas is lighter than air, which means it normally escapes if there is a leak and will not accumulate. However, an explosive atmosphere may be created if the gas does accumulate. And this can endanger the integrity of buildings and their inhabitants.

Corrosion is not the only cause of leaks. Thread connections in steel gas pipes can lose their seal over the years, even in well-maintained installations.

If you encounter such a gas leak, you should act immediately because it can seriously jeopardise your safety. Cibor can detect all leaks in gas pipes or installations. When it comes to larger leaks, the leak will only be identified, and a heating engineer must be called to replace the faulty piece of piping

Leak detection in gas pipes

Using detectors to trace gas leaks

During major gas leaks, a gas smell is often encountered because tetrahydrothiophene (odorant) is added to natural gas. This is more difficult when it comes to minor gas leaks or leaks where gas accumulates in confined spaces. But gas smells are not always encountered, which makes it difficult to assess all situations.

Thanks to its very accurate and precisely calibrated measuring equipment, Cibor is able to determine if there is a leak and how big it is . We can then use a unique inert tracer to locate the exact source of the leak.

Besides dealing with leaks, we are also performing more and more preventive measurements (particularly in apartment buildings). This gives residents peace of mind and allows faults to be identified before real problems arise.

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