Cibor, my preferred option when removing tiles with breaking them.

The short time frame, a clear and professional approach, and comprehensive knowledge were the most decisive factors.

Christoph Impens explains: We were installing a completely new kitchen in September, and this meant demolishing one of the walls.
Ceramic tiles were needed to re-tile an area of the floor that was revealed after removing the wall. And because we had no spare tiles, the only option was to remove them from the pantry.
So we were looking for a solution that would keep the tiles intact.

My wife typed ‘removing tiles without damage’ into Google and Cibor appeared as the preferred option.
Because I did not know the company, and because my friends were sceptical, I decided to first ask for information.
And I very quickly received a professional explanation from Karolien at Cibor. This reassured me. She performed an analysis using information I had provided via the telephone and photos I had sent her. I then received a detailed quote which clearly explained what we could expect.
Clear arrangements were made about which preparations were needed to make sure the job would flow smoothly. Naturally, the pantry had to be cleared of shoes, the vacuum cleaner and various other things in advance. The door to the pantry also had to be taken out before work started. This would allow the Cibor engineer to easily access the tiles under the door.

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