Cibor offers me peace of mind: 100% reliable solution, no digging work, efficient repairs and firm promises.

A word is a word. Certainly when you only have to pay the price mentioned on the quote.

Cibor’s leak detector identified a broken drainage pipe under the driveway and our well-kept front garden. The pipe had to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the drain system from subsiding.
Once the quote had been approved, the Cibor project leader presented me a detailed schedule exactly as agreed.
True to their word, the 3 Cibor engineers arrived early on the day of repair. According to the schedule, work would be finished around noon.
After first professionally cleaning the damaged drainage pipe, the Cibor engineers then started a camera inspection. I noticed that engineers consulted continuously about how things would proceed.
Activities were organised in a safe and orderly manner. I was also relieved to see my drive being neatly covered.
The engineers then prepared the sheath and epoxy resin in the lorry. The sheath was then unrolled inside the pipe.
People in the surroundings were in no way affected by noisy and cumbersome machines.
Although it was cold outside, the engineers continued to work steadily and, indeed, finished their activities around noon.
Everything was then left neat and tidy. After the hardening process, the Cibor engineer performed a final inspection. And the drainage pipe was then ready for use again.
Cibor deserves a 9/10! Certainly when you only have to pay the price mentioned on the quote.
A word is a word..
M.V. from Maaseik

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Need to repair a leak under the kitchen floor, but don’t have any spare tiles? Thankfully, Cibor has a solution for removing tiles without breaking them.
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