I received an effective and professional explanation. The sheath-based repair was performed quickly and is 100% reliable.

Cibor excels because of its effective and professional advice. Cibor deserves a 9/10.

I was looking to have a drainage system repaired, without performing digging activities.
I stumbled across Cibor as I searched the internet. But I also invited two other companies and compared what they offered.
Cibor was not the cheapest, but their project leader gave me the most effective and professional explanation. He also informed me about 2 other problems, which would probably not have been identified otherwise.
Contact was very good from the very outset. I was given a thorough explanation and the project was properly coordinated, which meant the sheath-based repair could be carried out within a limited time frame. The final result certainly met my expectations. I would give Cibor a score of 9/10.
J.C. from Diest

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Cibor put my mind at ease as a property manager but also as a resident. Twice the satisfaction, you could...
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