If you cannot use your bathroom for 3 months due to a leak, then it is great to discover Cibor. We were able to enjoy a nice, warm bath again within the space of 4 days…

Karolien from Cibor explains the situation:
When Ghislain contacted us, we immediately understood the urgency of the situation… 3 months without running water. It is something I dare not contemplate…
So we decided to send Michiel, our Leak detection & Drain lining project manager, as quickly as possible. He discovered water infiltration in the basement after using the bathroom on the first floor. He then performed a camera inspection in the drainage pipe. This started at the inspection chamber on the patio, went under the kitchen floor and towards the bathroom. The verdict was clear: there were major shortcomings in the pipe and it had to be repaired.

Ghislain continues:
Michiel proposed a solution based on drain lining. This approach does not require demolition work and the repaired pipe is at least as strong, if not stronger, than the original.
We thought it was the best solution from a price/quality perspective, and also the most reliable.
But the decisive factor was that repairs could be completed in 1 or maximum 2 days. The end was in sight.

Michiel clearly explained which steps would be carried out:
The first step involved cleaning the drainage pipe. Due to the age of the pipe, there was a major build-up of lime scale and dirt. So they had to be cut away.
This meant Cibor first had to disassemble the inspection chamber and drain on the patio. The patio tiles were removed, both items were disassembled and the pipe was cleared for cutting work and thorough cleaning.

The 2 Cibor engineers then performed the pipe-in-a-pipe repair the following day. Michiel was in attendance when the work started. Once the lining had been placed, the engineers used a camera to check the positioning and curing of the pipe. We were relieved that everything was as it should have been. ☺
The drain and inspection chamber were then replaced and the edges were finished to a high standard. All existing connections were also put back in place.

Cibor offers a comprehensive service. Why?
The lid of the inspection chamber was replaced on the last day and the patio tiles were re-fitted.
Ghislain was impressed by the thoroughness of the investigation and the tidiness of the repairs.

The major advantage was that everything was performed and coordinated by Cibor. This meant Ghislain had 1 point of contact, and everything flowed smoothly.
Cibor deserves a 10/10.
Ghislain Herman, Mechelen

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