In total, 16 wholes tiles were removed. All credit to the Cibor engineer.

We wanted to knock down a wall on the ground floor. To fill the empty space left by the wall, we needed a few extra tiles to match the existing floor. But we did not have any spares. We looked in many shops, but the tiles had sold out everywhere. However, we had used the same tiles in the dressing room on the second floor, so perhaps the solution was actually staring us in the face. We thought it would be great if we could remove some of these tiles in one piece.
After searching the internet for a while, I stumbled across the Cibor website. Cibor has developed a unique technique for removing tiles without breaking them. The website showed me exactly what I could expect. So I wasted no time, contacted them and scheduled an appointment. Karolien at Cibor provided clear instructions about which preparations I could make so the Cibor engineer could work efficiently, like, for example, clearing away rugs, etc. And the promised result was realised: in total, 16 whole tiles were removed. This was more than enough for the ground floor.
All credit to the Cibor engineer. He deserves a 10/10.
Nico Nivelle – Riemst

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Satisfied customer after leak investigation on a roof patio
He also communicated very professionally with the various stakeholders.
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