Sleeve renovation – Mr. V. from Mortsel

Why did I choose Cibor to repair a drain pipe?

I suspected that the sewer pipe underneath my house was leaking, because cracks started to appear at different locations in the floors of the garage and the room at the back. After consulting Google, Cibor seemed to be an expert partner that could not only perform a camera inspection, but evidently also had the requisite experience to also perform a sleeve repair. The benefit of this technique is that the floors did not have to be opened up, with this possibly causing extra problems and costs.

From the first contact by phone, I was impressed by the professionalism in dealing with my problem. An appointment was made for a camera inspection and this already took place a few days later. Benny, the technician, explained to me in plain language which problems he found during the camera inspection of the sewer.

Within a few days, I received a comprehensive report in my mailbox and an offer for the installation of a liner. Fortunately, the liner could be installed quite quickly.

The Cibor team that installed the liner was not only very skilled, but was also very careful and clearly experienced in performing the work. Tom and Willy form an experienced team that can also devise and implement a suitable solution in the event of unexpected problems.

And last but not least, they are also a clean team because, upon completing the work, they took all of the rubbish with them, and left a clean site behind them.

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