The experience of a loyal customer:” I have established a personal and constructive partnership with Cibor over the years.”

I would like to recommend Cibor because of their personal commitment to always find result-oriented solutions.

I have been collaborating with Cibor for 7 or 8 years in the meantime and the partnership is very personal and constructive.
I have become familiar with several people in the organisation over this period. They show the required commitment to keep me satisfied as a customer.
For example, leaks can be very annoying and, as a co-owner, I want to resolve them as quickly as possible for my residents.
It is not always easy for me to determine whether a leak has occurred inside or outside.
Understandably, Cibor deploys engineers who possess the required expertise, depending on where the leak is located.
In addition, it is important for me to know the cause of the leak. Once the issue has been reported, the engineer can arrive immediately and can send his report as soon as it becomes available.
Precision is something I value greatly, and this is something they monitor very closely.
And if I have questions during the process, I can personally approach the contact person and receive the answer I am looking for. That is why I am delighted to recommend Cibor.
Mrs. D.M.
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‘Van Roey Services’ always relies on Cibor if we need to detect shortcomings inside, around or on buildings.
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