‘Van Roey Services’ always relies on Cibor if we need to detect shortcomings inside, around or on buildings.

When we encountered odour problems in one of our buildings, I immediately asked Cibor to investigate the cause.
Straight away, Cibor realised the importance of resolving this unpleasant smell. An appointment was made with Cibor’s project leader. He not only identified what was causing the odour, but also immediately proposed a solution: a sheath repair. The advantages of this technique were decisive: no expensive demolition work and a very fast solution, because the job was completed in less than a day.
Cibor really does what it promises. On the day of repair, the 2 engineers arrived perfectly on time. They used professional equipment, worked in unison and constantly kept me informed about progress. It was a smooth, open and honest experience. They always explained everything in a very understandable manner. And that established a lot of trust.
I have relied on Cibor several times in the meantime and the experience was pleasant, solution-oriented and efficient each time. I’m a fan. ☺. Score: 5/5.
Valerie Everaert – Contractmanager – Van Roey Services

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The experience of a loyal customer:” I have established a personal and constructive partnership with Cibor over the years.”
I would like to recommend Cibor because of their personal commitment to always find result-oriented solutions.
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