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The viaduct on the Draakplaats and Tramplein in Antwerp will be given an impressive make-over thanks to an investment of over 12 million Euros by Infrabel.
The viaduct consists of 2 parts: a brickwork section, which dates from the end of the 1800s, and a concrete section, which was added in 1900.
The bridge will be cut across its entire length, so the to-be-renewed area can be demolished using heavy machinery, without damaging the section that must be retained. This means the demolition area will be completely isolated, so trains can continue to operate while work is being carried out.
As the main contractor, Besix has asked specialist Cibor to perform cutting activities on the concrete section.
The implemented cutting technique, namely using diamond wire, will ensure a straight cut after demolition, so Besix can construct a separate new, self-supporting concrete structure just 3 centimetres away.
In total, cutting activities will extend over a length of 85 metres and 5 arches, which is equivalent to 1000m3 of concrete and brickwork.
A strict schedule must be adhered to so all work can be completed by the end of 2021.
Work will regularly be carried out at night, so tram and road traffic is not hindered.
During the weekend of 11-12 January, Cibor was also on hand to perform night time cutting activities on arches 1 and 5.
The site manager of Besix is very pleased about the partnership with Cibor. “I discovered Cibor via their website. I immediately noticed that Cibor is a specialist when it comes to concrete-related activities. Cibor is also professional and has a solution-oriented mindset. Their long-standing experience, high quality finish and flexibility make them a very reliable partner.

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Cibor, my preferred option when removing tiles with breaking them.
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