Cibor gives a lecture at Ghent University

At the “Diagnosis of the Building Envelope” seminar at Ghent University, CIBOR gave a lecture on leak detection techniques on flat roofs.

At the invitation of the Faculty of Architecture & Urban Planning of Ghent University, Patrick Peeters of CIBOR gave a lecture on leak detection techniques on flat roofs on Friday 27 November 2015.
The lecture was part of a symposium on diagnosis of the building envelope to round off the IWT TETRA research project “Thermography as a gauge of the building envelope”.

Also discussed were:

  • Thermography (UGent)- Pathology
  • Related requests for advice (WTCB)
  • Impact of building envelope on property value (STADIM)
  • From diagnosis to feasibility study (Bureau Bouwtechniek)
  • Diagnostic techniques for damp problems in the building envelope (WTCB)
  • In situ air- and water-tightness (UGent)

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