Alain, technicus

"Providing solutions,
that is my goal"

Alain, 28 years old - Technician

Nathalie, dispatcher

"Sending a technician as soon
as possible, that is my goal"

Nathalie, 25 years old - Dispatcher

Christophe, verzekeraar

"Entrusting my customer's problem
into good hands, that is my goal"

Christophe, 33 years old - Insurer

Georges, aannemer

"A reliable partner,
that is my goal"

Georges, 54 years old - Contractor

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Cibor group offers a wide range of services for solving problems in and around buildings. The services provided by Cibor group are classified into four branches: leak detection, building pathology,
special repair techniques and concrete machining. Cibor has been certified by a VCA safety system for many years.

Cibor, a company you can rely on.

Cibor fully understands that problems in and around buildings can cause you stress. And then we have not yet mentioned the possible damage or costs incurred. The Cibor promise to you is also intended to relieve this stress as much as possible.

How do we do this? Regardless of whether it relates to gas-, water- or fuel leaks, odour nuisance, draught problems or another problem, Cibor always demonstrates the same speed, punctuality and professionalism.

These are a few of our assets:

  • Experienced and trained technicians
  • Reachable 24 hours per day
  • Fast intervention
  • The best solution with the latest techniques
  • A given word is sacred
  • Constantly striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction

Are you an insurance professional, property management agency, private individual, company, contractor or roofer?
Then you have found the right address for a fast and reliable solution to your problem.

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