Cibor prevents problems with preventive roof checks

Imagine the scenario: an attractive, modern building is ready for handover, but a leak is suddenly discovered in the roof. This leads to heated discussions between the architect, contractor and the roofer. Cibor can help to avoid such situations using a preventive roof check for watertightness.

What is a preventive roof check?

We perform preventive roof checks during the construction phase, preferably before any ballast has been placed on the roof. We then find and repair potential defects and leaks in good time. In so doing, we also address faults that may not immediately cause problems, but will do so in the future, such as partly detached seam joints.

Which roofs can be preventively checked?

Preventive checks can be carried out on any flat roof, irrespective of the roofing. A suitable investigation technique is available for practically every type of roof structure.

Leak detection in roofs – in practice

Preventive roof check involving bituminous water seal on a flat roof in Knokke.

We use high-tech measuring equipment to locate and pinpoint potential leaks Positions no. 14 and 15 show this in the photo above. Once leaks are detected, the necessary corrections can be carried out to prevent potential problems.

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