Testing air-tightness of buildings (blower door test)

Does the cold send chills down your spine at home? Do you always feel a draught but cannot find where it is coming from? Do you still suffer from cold fingers even though your heating is working overtime? Then you will probably have a draught problem, which is being caused by the air-tightness of your building.

Cibor can help you to measure or improve the air-tightness of your building. This will allow you to:

  • limit heat loss and eliminate cold air flows
  • locate unpleasant draught problems
  • manage air flows
  • obtain maximum air-tightness
  • lower your energy consumption
  • determine acoustic leaks
  • prevent mould problems caused by condensation

Tracing air leaks

We can immediately detect leaks by creating a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the building. We can quickly and precisely determine the location of leaks by performing a thermographic inspection and simulating the trajectory of air flow. The required measures can then be taken to effectively repair the leak.

Air-tightness of your windows

Energy-efficient construction means your windows must also be air-tight. Window openings and window frames must feature air-tight seals. Too many air leaks in and around windows can cause serious energy losses in your home, even if you well insulated glass. Cibor is also able to identify air-tightness problems in your windows.

Questions about the air-tightness of your home?

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